Decade of Trust

Sherwani Exim is a leading and innovative company specializing in knitted garment production. Sherwani Exim was founded in the year 1999, by the Sherwani Brothers having decades of garment production experience. Our pride and passion help increase performance and give a good purpose. Our company carries out the whole process of operation from raw material purchasing to delivering the shelve ready product to our clients. Our procedures are engineered to deliver a high-demand product. The creation of aesthetic apparel initiates with the purchase of high-quality yarn, which then undergoes the process of knitting. The fabric is manufactured from the knitted yarn, and then it is dyed accordingly to the provided specifications. The fabric’s GSM is upheld in the next step after which it is transported to the stitching department. Here the fabric is then converted into apparel according to the demands, ranging from trousers to pants and pullovers to shirts. The final touch comprises apparel containing prints and embroidery, perfectly fitting the requirements. To make all this possible we maintain our quality checks under certain circumstances Therefore our company keeps following the latest innovations that aim to safeguard equipment, people, and the environment. Our state-of-the-art industry comprises more than 200 advanced and updated machines with specialized teams working on them. We have divided the system into various specific departments: merchandising, sampling, stock detail inventory, finance, and others.
Our major strengths are people, engagement, and competence. We have around 400 to 500 employees working on salaries and daily wages. The employees are provided with all the facilities like bonuses, medical, salary loans, and other benefits. We thank our customers and employees for believing in us and allowing us to create innovative fabric Sherwani Exim considers every new day as an opportunity to reach new grounds. Our exporters are expanded to the USA, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and other European countries. Here at Sherwani Exim, we thank our customers and employees for believing in us and allowing us to create innovative fabric.