Our exports are expanded to the USA, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and other European countries.

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Our inception is one of humble beginnings which started with our director who still owns the company, out of the need to control his own destiny back in 2007 he sought to find a gap in clothing market as this is one of the main commodities to import from Pakistan a country he knew very well. This also happened to be a country that is one of the strongest in the world in cotton based manufacturing. We have helped several apparel startups with product development and clothing manufacturing support from our headquarter in USA and Pakistan.
Our history is one embedded in the craft of quality coming from being a wholesaler we recognised the demand in quality goods which would exude the attention to detail…

Decade of Trust

Sherwani Exim is a leading and innovative company specializing in knitted garment production. Sherwani Exim was founded in the year 1999, by the Sherwani Brothers having decades of garment production experience. Our pride and passion help increase performance and give a good purpose. Our company carries out the whole process of operation from raw material purchasing to delivering the shelve ready product to our clients. Our procedures are engineered to deliver a high-demand product. The creation of aesthetic apparel initiates with the purchase of high-quality yarn, which then undergoes the process of knitting. The fabric is manufactured from the knitted yarn, and then it is dyed accordingly to the provided specifications. The fabric’s GSM is upheld in the next step after which it is transported to the stitching department. Here the fabric is then converted into apparel according to the demands, ranging from trousers to pants and pullovers to shirts. The final touch comprises apparel containing prints and embroidery, perfectly fitting the requirements.

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Top Rated

Our service delivery model is world class and is based on a win/win solution
focused approach.


We strive to be partners in your entrepreneurial journey through cost effective and high-quality complete apparel production solutions.


We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Since our inception to date we have helped 200+ startups achieve their inventory goals with shelf ready, top quality products.

We are one Stop shop for shelve ready products

  • Skilled designers will assist you with full technical design, provide tech pack alternatives, illustration, logo design and graphic design support.
  • We will create your custom patterns and develop your prototype and produce your final salesman sample through revisions as required.
  • We provide complete packaging, tag and labelling solutions. Our goal is to deliver you with shelf ready products ready to go.
  • In the last 20 years we have refined our service delivery model and capacity to deliver you with complete production solutions from concept to fabric.
  • We have several print and advanced embellishment options which you can take advantage of to create high-value products for your clients. We can do chenille and filled embroidery, stone placement, sublimation, and several types of screen print.
  • We recognize that our success is in your success. We will consult you on strategy. And undertake your product photography, content, and marketing campaign management roles.






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